Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Hire Goods

1. All equipment remains the property of Sovereign Weddings and Party Favourz.
2. Please ensure Sovereign Weddings and Party Favourz are given sufficient time to setup your goods. We usually
require 1 ½ hours for 100 chair covers if your order is larger or smaller please confirm setup
time in advance.
3. During the hire period, the hirer shall be solely responsible for the hired goods.
4. Sovereign Weddings and Party Favourz will not be responsible for injury or damage to persons or property
how so ever sustained arising from our goods under hire.
5. The contract of hire is between Sovereign Weddings and Party Favourz  and yourself not the venue. Unless the
venue hire the goods direct from us.
6. Any damages occurred by fault of the venue will still be liable to you. You will need to pay
for damages and re-claim the money from the venue.
7. Shortages and damages to hired goods exceeding the security deposit will be invoiced at
full replacement value plus delivery and VAT within 30 days.
8. The security deposit, minus any deductions for loss or damage will be returned within 30
days of the hire date.
9. Goods must be ready for collection at the agreed time, date and location.
10.You the hirer is responsible for the goods to be boxed and ready for collection.
11.A charge will be made for an aborted delivery or collection where the venue/hirer/customer
is at fault.
12.Damaged goods remain the property of Sovereign Weddings and Party Favourz.
13.If goods are not retuned to Sovereign Weddings and PArty Favourz, we remain the right to charge for:
a. The cost of replacement goods to honour any bookings where the goods were
b. The cost of replacement goods where hired items are permanently not returned.
c. An additional hire period, charged at the cost of hire per item per week. EG if 50
chair covers are hired at £2.50 each you will be charged at £2.50 x 50 = £125 per
d. Additional courier collections charged at actual courier cost.
14. We are VAT registered so all orders will be plus VAT.
15.Cancellation will result in the forfeit of the deposit and any monies paid.